GNR’s Duff McKagan on How to Be a Man (And Other Illusions)

Inspired by a column he previously penned for Seattle Weekly, the founding member of Guns 'N Roses, Duff McKagan, has a new book on the way called "How to Be a Man (And Other Illusions)."

“I had a column for the Seattle Weekly for five years, and there was one column that was called How to Be a Man, and it was kind of tongue in cheek; it was really tongue in cheek. And I got a book deal from that column,” McKagan said in an interview with Total Rock Radio (via Blabbermouth).

“It’s a how-to guide of things I’ve learned about life – being a dad, being a husband and being in a rock band. And it’s, like, a city guide in it, but a very tongue-in-cheek city guide; like, how I see cities. It’s got all kinds of stuff. And other stories. And hopefully it’s gonna be a funny book.”

Duff's original How to Be a Man column can be read here and includes advice on road rage ("Keeping calm is an art form perfected only by the manliest of men") and monogamy. “Monogamy is key,” he writes. “If you can’t be honest with your lady, it serves that you aren’t being honest at all, and that is a loser’s game.”

How to Be a Man (And Other Illusions) is the follow up to McKagan’s autobiography It’s So Easy (And Other Lies) and is available from 12 May through De Capo Press.


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