Uh, if the Patriots win the Super Bowl, Nikki Sixx will perform naked

Do you want to see Nikki Sixx naked and playing “Girls Girls Girls” onstage? No? Me neither. So I guess we'd better pull for the Seattle Seahawks, because Nikki tweeted that he'll go au naturel in concert if New England wins the Super Bowl.

Nikki, a diehard Hawks fan, must be pretty sure of his team’s chances in the Super Bowl, but what if they lose?  Will he pay up and strip down?  Does it count if he's wearing a sock?  Will Tommy Lee drop trou just to show Nikki up?  People gotta know this stuff!

I'm sure there are some Sixx fans that would like to see the guy butt naked, but most of us will just have to do a beer run if he pulls it off… so to speak.



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