My Dinner With Mancow Part One

Media superstar Mancow jumps in the passenger seat for “My Dinner with Mancow (Part One): An intimate conversation over hot dogs”(at Irving’s for Red Hot Lovers in Wilmette).

I’ve worked with Mancow off and on for years, and remain in awe over how he builds and puts on a radio show. We talk about radio, specifically Mancow’s time away from the industry before returning to host the Loop’s morning show:
“I walked away… left a TV show… left some radio stations… I was done. I didn’t miss it.”

We also talk about what else is on the dial:
“I haven’t listened to another radio show in a decade… I was shocked at how awful it was.”
“The new reality of my world–and your world–is really awful.”

Mancow’s earliest memories of rock are discussed, from his first concert to the Kinks song that changed everything for him.

He also said we’re living in dark times, and explains how he’s responding to it:
“I think this is it. I think this is the end of it. Something has to give. … I want to be the band playing as the Titanic sinks.”

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