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Styx drummer Todd Sucherman: ‘If you have room for fries, you’ve got room for another dog’

Styx drummer Todd Sucherman is one of the best in rock and roll, something he reminds us of every time he sits behind the kit at a Styx show.

He and I go way back… to freshman year of high school. We haven’t properly hung out since we were both Niles West Indians, so it was a true delight to be able to catch up over hot dogs and Polish sausages from Poochie’s in Skokie (

We talk about:
*Our high school days: “My earliest memory of you was in gym class; we were sarcastic and laughed at a lot of the same stuff.”
*His role in high school; playing drums kept him from being picked on or bullied
*His high school-era band, Adventures In Dining, and the bar gigs the band played while underage
*Styx’s album plans
*Recording an album in the present day: “It’s an exercise in burning money”
*The Midwestern-ness of Styx
*Playing alongside artists from Spinal Tap to Brian Wilson
*The Chicago scene in the 90s, and why his awesome band Falling Wallendas may not have been awesome with a balance sheet