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Going Deep with AC/DC: 15 Solid Deep Cuts

We’re rocking the AC/DC vinyl for Vinyl Monday (12/5). The true measure of a band is whether their album cuts hold up to their big hits, and that’s totally the case with AC/DC. Here are 15 deeper cuts/forgotten singles I totally love. (Before you say anything, my favorite AC/DC album is “Powerage,” which explains the inclusion of three songs from that album):

1. Jailbreak (’74 Jailbreak)
-We didn’t get this one on the original U.S. release of “Dirty Deeds.” Instead, we had to wait until 1984 to get a proper release in the states. I love the storytelling on this one. If Johnny Cash had written a song for AC/DC, it would’ve sounded like this.

2. Flick of the Switch (Flick of the Switch)
-I’ll always be nostalgic for this one. My first time seeing AC/DC was on the Flick of the Switch tour at the Rosemont Horizon.

3. Riff Raff (Powerage)-AC/DC’s riffs are muscular and sinister. No surprise the riff on this one is so damn good: It’s in the title.

4. Let’s Get It Up (For Those About to Rock)-“The moon is rising and so am I.”

5. Big Gun (Last Action Hero soundtrack)-This non-album track had more legs than the Schwarzenegger movie.

6. Ballbreaker (Ballbreaker)-Rick Rubin produced the album, following his work on “Big Gun.” Lotsa misses on the album, but the title track nails it. (Off-topic: Is “Ballbreaker” the band’s most double entendre-saturated album? It’s hard to say. Think about it for a while and see what pops up.)

7. Go Zone (Blow Up Your Video)

8. I Put the Finger on You (For Those About to Rock)-Usually the band goes right to the coitus references. Here, they indulge in a little foreplay.

9. Sin City (Powerage)-Best AC/DC song ever? Possibly. Vegas, baby.

10. Goodbye and Good Riddance to Bad Luck (The Razor’s Edge)

11. Overdose (Let There Be Rock)-Yet another badass riff. A slowburning masterpiece.

12. Walk All Over You (Highway to Hell)-It’s impossible to pick one standout song from “Highway to Hell.” “Walk All Over You” wins for it’s dark, grimy menace.

13. Sink the Pink (Fly On The Wall)-“Fly on the Wall” was a low point for AC/DC, but at least “Sink the Pink” raised the overall curve.

14. Bad Boy Boogie (Let There Be Rock)

15. What’s Next to the Moon (Powerage)-My favorite AC/DC song ever. Killer riff. Visual lyrics.

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