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From a brothel to the White House: ZZ Top facts you may not know

1. They were in “Back to the Future III,” playing a square dance band!

2. They’re the longest-running band in the U.S. still with its original members, dating back to 1969.

3. “La Grange” is about the Chicken Ranch brothel in Texas… a shack just outside La Grange. Check out this press conference from 1973 about the Chicken Ranch:

4. Then-Texas governor George W. Bush declared 5/15/97 “ZZ Top Day.” They’d return the favor by playing Bush’s inauguration party in 2001.

5. “Flyin’ High,” from ZZ Top’s 2012 album “La Futura,” made its debut in space. NASA astronaut Mike Fossum requested to play it while on board a launch to the International Space Station in 2011. NASA got it on video:

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