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7 deeper cuts from the Who

Who’s next…
Here’s a handful of Who songs to crank up when you’re looking to move past the tried and true classics.

My Wife (Who’s Next)
John Entwistle wrote this one about being drunk, staying out way too late (time in the drunk tank) and fearing his wife’s wrath:
“My life’s in jeopardy
Murdered in cold blood is what I’m gonna be
I ain’t been home since Friday night
And now my wife is coming after me”

Trick of the Light (Who Are You)
If you’re spending time with a hooker, why not take the opportunity to ask for performance feedback? Entwistle wrote this one, too.

Dreaming From the Waist (The Who By Numbers)
Pete Townshend’s battle with impulse control: “I’ve got the hots for the sluts in the well thumbed pages of a magazine”

So Sad About Us (A Quick One)
This one’s been covered a lot, and why not? It’s a blueprint for jangly 60s garage pop and an inspiration for dozens of bands that followed.

Go to the Mirror! (Tommy) 
The cornerstone of the “Tommy” story:

“He seems to be completely unreceptive.
The tests I gave him show no sense at all.
His eyes react to light the dials detect it.
He hears but cannot answer to your call.”

How Can You Do It Alone (Face Dances)
An oddly uptempo look at the dark side of the human condition.

Bell Boy (Quadrophenia)
Keith Moon’s cockney accent seals the deal on this one.

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