New Warrant Album Cover Featuring Rock Girl April Rose

A few weeks ago, Warrant’s front man Robert Mason shoots me a call to see if I’d be willing and able to shoot their new album cover. LOUDER. HARDER. FASTER. …and I was all about it! The dedication and hard work that goes into making an album has only recently came to light to me as I’ve read Don Felder’s ‘Heaven and Hell: My Life in the Eagles’ and Keith Richard’s ‘Life’. Countless hours, days, sometimes years. To know I’ll be part of a band I’ve always loved was more than an honor. The shoot was quick, and as I’m normally asked to dress with the least amount of clothing as possible, this time it wasn’t about that. It was about the passion and emotion of the moment. LOUDER. HARDER. FASTER. Available for pre-sale now, release date May 12.