Meet and listen to a band to know: Turnspit

This week, I’m joined by Turnspit members Gillian McGhee and Jason Swearingen for hummus and falafel from Sultan’s Market (2057 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60647).

Turnspit performs a stunning new song called “Walk Away,” but before that happens, we discuss:
I got a fish soda, but it’s not a real fishy-fish soda, so it’s okay.
The vomit incident that preceded the last Turnspit show (“it was super gross”)
Turnspit history: “Don’t ever ask Jason to start at the beginning”
The major shows they’ve been part of, sharing the stage with Alkaline Trio and Lawrence Arms
The state of the Chicago music community
What do Turnspit and INXS have in common?
The future of Turnspit (it involves live shows and new music)
The Social Media Message of the Week: How previous guest Doll Spit inspired two different Car Con Carne listeners


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