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The Greatest Concert of The Year!

Metallica at Solider Field was the climax of the summer so far. How unreal is it that the LOOP turns 40 and to celebrate we have Metallica play for us!

For me the day started in FRANCE! Yes! I was there for a job working for the 24Hours of LeMans. I woken up early in my hotel in France to do my hair, i knew i wouldn’t have time when i landed in the U.S. Rushing to my terminal and BOOM theirs a huge customs line! I knew i had to make that flight, and NOTHING ELSE MATTERED! So, yes i was that annoying person in line begging every person to let me cut in front of them hoping customs agents and police wouldn’t flag me for odd behavior. And let me tell you, the police there walk around with rifles… and you don’t want to mess with that! At this point i was soaked in sweat, partly from stress and partly from fever! I made it! with five minutes to spare.
Landing in Chicago i sprinted home to rinse off in the shower for just a moment and suiting up in my new custom 40th anniversary Loop shirt before heading down to solider Field.
I made it! Just in time to meet Mancow and Jerry Only on the side of the stage before we went out in front of thousands to announce our station and how thank ful we were to be there that day! Sneaking around back stage before we went out on stage was epic. All the Metallica equipment and crew was so sweet to witness. And what an insane run in with Beastie Boys Adam Yauch who DJ’d in between sets.

Mancow running through in his head what he would say was like a little kidd with excitement in the moment and Jerry only was unusually calm and collected like it was a walk in the park!

We all walked out on stage together and it was a moment ill remember forever. Jerry Only speaking to remembering Cliff Berton was the moment I knew this was a special night.
After all that…and not sleeping for now almost 24 hours i was still wide awake in anticipation for Metallica to grace the stage. Then it happened, James Lars Kirk and Robert owned the night and it was all in honor of our 40th anniversary.

A night for the books that will never be outdone!