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Coming soon: All the trailers aired during the BIG GAME

From dinosaurs to Avengers to Han Freaking Solo, last night’s game was full of new trailers:

“Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom.” Maybe this time, they’ll realize people and dinosaurs can’t live together.

“Avengers: Infinity War.” This one has EVERYBODY.

This one you can actually watch right now; it was made available right after the game.

Be quiet, or John Krasinski and his family will die.

If the impossible mission was to try and milk this for six movies… congratulations, Paramount. You did it!

The Rock is going to be awesome. Stuff is going to explode. More of the Rock being awesome. The Rock saves the day.

Hoping this one doesn’t suck. The world needs more Chewbacca.

Jennifer Lawrence is Russian? Da.


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