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The 2018 Loop Rock Girl Calendar

Original thought and passion for the music we love… how the 2018 Rock Girl Calendar came to life!

Honoring the bands we love

That is the direction of The Loop Rock Girl Calendar, but for 2018 we took it a step further by creating something we’ve NEVER attempted before.

That’s how the “Projection Issue” was born. Yes, the decision was made to try something we’ve never done in the past by using band art to project on my body. Would it work? How would we light it? And most importantly, what band art would we use?

James VanOsdol and I sat in a room at our studio where the walls are completely covered in album covers. We easily made lists of our top albums and iconic images. That was the effortless part. But then, how would those images project onto a body? Metallica’s Black album?! How the heck do we use that? The album I couldn’t live without was the least likely to work on a projector because it was basically all black? I couldn’t cross it off the list. NEVER! When you pick up the calendar you’ll see that classic album proudly on the back cover, and I think we pulled it off just fine!

Another first for me, you will see the month of November, the album cover for Journey’s album Evolution. My body contorted to no end blends peacefully and seamlessly. But for me that shoot was the first time I posed completely implied nude! I’ve shot with Playboy and still was not nude… to do this with the calendar was a first for me, and it’s my favorite month for the calendar.

This year, we wanted to try something new and we definitely accomplished that. It’s our love for Rock music, blended with its art. This calendar is for you, and I hope it makes you proud to be a die-hard fan of The Loop, going strong for 41 years.

Love you,
April Rose
The Loop Rock Girl

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