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Must See Clip from Alice Cooper Film

Imagine that you're a young Alice Cooper.  Having recently moved to L.A., you get invited to a friend's place.  When the door opens, the place is fogged with weed.  As you step inside you see Janis Joplin.  There's Jimi Hendrix.  And Jim Morrison.

"You have to remember we were a young band from Arizona, and we could make a joint last for a week, 'cause that's all we had," Cooper told Rolling Stone about the clip. "And you walk into a room that you can't see from me to you because of the smoke, and then when the smoke clears, [whispers] 'Hey look, it's Jimi Hendrix over there.' And Shep, our manager, he opens the drawer, and there's a drawer [of marijuana], and he takes a handful. 'This is our manager. This is gonna be great.' In '68, '69, that was the coolest thing ever."

His new film, Super Duper Alice Cooper,  is getting theatrical screenings throughout the U.S. beginning April 30th and will be shown at four suburban Chicago cinemas. Check listings here. It  chronicles Alice Cooper's history from his humble beginnings to his comeback after kicking addiction.

See the clip describing that night in L.A. here..