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Led Zeppelin ‘The Song Remains the Same’ (12 Days of Led Zeppelin)

Led Zeppelin ‘The Song Remains the Same’
(Released 10/22/76)

The movie “The Song Remains the Same” was kinda recorded over the course of three nights at Madison Square Garden in 1973.

One of the worst-kept secrets in Zeppelin history is that the coverage initially shot at the Garden was essentially unusable. So, manager Peter Grant brought in a new director, Peter Clifton, to fix things. Clifton suggested reshooting the entire show, song for song, on a British sound stage. Without an audience.

So through the miracle of editing, when you see the band killing it on stage in New York in front of 20,000 fans, you may actually be watching the band recreating that performance in the same clothes for an audience of no one.

Album sales (U.S.)-4 million
Chart position-2

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