Abe Kanan


Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 153 – 2/13/2018

Episode 153 topics…
1. Beta test only for listeners of this podcast
2. Ric Flair sex agreement for sale on his website
3. People with near death experiences usually do not change
4. taxes
5. Women who post half naked pictures with inspirational quotes
6. Sports Illustrated posted naked women with inspirational quotes
7. Abe’s online blueprint is like a neck tattoo
8. Abe entertained himself with comment at tuxedo shop
9. Abe apologizes to Bass after eating incident
10. Alarming amount of calories at fast food places
11. Cops should patrol Taco Bell drive through’s at 3AM
12. Eating pizza while driving
13. Eating part of a dish you bring to party beforehand
14. Abe is like the Wolf from Pulp Fiction for stupidity
15. Football player’s mom went crazy when he didn’t sign w/ Alabama
16. Football player’s mothers get fake jobs at University
17. Sammy Sosa the bizarre cowboy

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