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Thanksgiving travel: Epic levels of suck expected (updated 11/21)

Heading out for Thanksgiving? It’s gonna be ugly. AAA’s expecting this to be the busiest Thanksgiving travel week in nine years.

Making it worse, the best time to hit the road’s already come and gone. According to Google, the ideal time for Chicagoans to start road-tripping was this morning (11/20/16) at 6 a.m. The worst time to head out (not surprisingly) is Wednesday at 5 p.m. (And it’s a given that every Chicago expressway will be hell on earth by noon Wednesday.)

And then there’s the issue of the impending O’Hare strike.The specifics of that will be announced at 10 a.m. Monday. (Update 11/21/16: The strike’s been scheduled for Tuesday 11/29. That said, there’s not joy to be found at O’Hare during Thanksgiving week).

Finally… any guesses as to which airport is expected to have the most traffic this week? We’ll give you a couple clues: It’s not Midway, and its name rhymes with “Moe Pair.”


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