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New year, new laws

As 2016 rides off into the sunset (taking our beloved celebrities with it), prepare yourself for new Illinois laws and local transportation changes in the new year. Here are a few highlights:

Traffic tickets
Fines are going up $5 per ticket

Parking meters
460 new meters will be installed in the new year, and rates are going up all over Wrigleyville. Go Cubs.

Move over
Drivers need to change lanes or slow down when passing any vehicle on the side of the road with its hazards on (law expanded to include civilian vehicles with hazards on)

Possession of small amounts (less than 10 grams) will get you fined, but not jailed

Railroad crossings
Fines are going up to $500 for a first violation of railroad crossing laws

Social media/the workplace
New law strengthens existing legislation that prevents your boss from getting at your social media passwords

Bike riders
Now have the same rights as drivers, including right-of-way

Workers making less than $13.50/hour don’t have to sign non-compete agreements

Tampon tax
Sales tax eliminated for feminine hygiene products

Fares are going up again, by an average of close to six percent

Reconstruction on Washington/Wabash, Wilson stations should wrap up this year

“Bath salts”
Retailers are no longer allowed to sell synthetic stimulant “bath salts;” sales now treated as a Class 3 felony