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Listen: ‘Hotel California’ Gets a Makeover


Former Eagle Don Felder and members of STYX and Foreigner have reworked The Eagles' classic.

The new version of Hotel California, premiered at USA TODAY, has Felder swapping lead vocals with Styx's Tommy Shaw and Foreigner's Kelly Hansen. It will appear on The Soundtrack of Summer tour-companion CD, which also will feature several of the best-known songs from Styx and Foreigner. The Soundtrack of Summer will go on sale May 6, exclusively at Walmart.

Felder told USA TODAY, "I was a bit perplexed about how to go about doing it." The new version incorporates some flamenco rhythms before progressing into a full-scale rock treatment. "It grows from this acoustic steel-string version to where the electric guitars come in at the end."

The tour hits Chicago on Friday, June 6 at FirstMerit Bank Pavilion.

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