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‘Star Wars’: What’s next after ‘Rogue One?’

If you’re wondering what’s next for “Star Wars” after seeing “Rogue One” this weekend, here’s what we know:

Star Wars: Episode VIII
Less than a year to go until we get a resolution from Episode VII’s cliffhanger. Some early reports say VIII will be darker than VII, but we won’t get a hint of what’s to come until Spring, when the first trailer hits.

Han Solo Untitled Film
There’s a lot of potential in a story about a pre-“New Hope” Han Solo… who in my head looks like Chris Pratt as Star Lord.

Star Wars: Episode IX
(Sometime in 2019)
Whatever threads are left dangling in VIII will presumably be wrapped up here.

What about a Boba Fett movie? Darth Vader? Wookie planet? Nothing else is on the official calendar yet, but you know Disney has serious long-term plans for this franchise.