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April Rose Loop Rock Girl Remembering Hugh Hefner!

Honored to have been a reporter for a man who believed whole heartedly in free speech & human rights. I had the privilege of working with Hugh Hefner’s legendary vision for free speech, Playboy magazine. In 2016, I was given the honor to write and host my own web series AR Files. The topics, whatever I believed to be fun and important. What a gig! From the legalization of marijuana to does a Mans shoe size matter. Hugh Hefner has given so many voices a box to shout on when no one else would and stood behind equality and human rights wholeheartedly. He is a legend in my eyes. He has changed the lives of so many of my closest friends, I am forever grateful. I remember being at the mansion for movie night, his kind demeanor won me over from the start.
Ask me why I’m still not doing the web series… I became too busy with a new job; The Loop Rock Girl!

What a wild chapter in American history.