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Scorpions Drummer Jailed for Insulting Islam in Dubai Airport

We're not sure why this news is just now coming out but on April 3, Scorpions drummer James Kottak was arrested in Dubai, and has been sentenced to one month in that country’s prison, charged with "insulting Islam."

His crime? Well, according to The National, he drank five glasses of wine on a flight from Moscow to Dubai (which is roughly a five hour flight), and then got lost in Dubai International Airport. At some point he shouted something about “non-educated Muslims,” refused to travel with Pakistani and Afghani passengers while covering his nose and complaining about their “disgusting smell,” flipping everyone the bird, and mooning everyone. 

The National says that Kottak was “convicted… of insulting Islam” and “drinking alcohol without a licence.” 

Kottak denied that he insulted Islam, telling prosecutors: "I don't remember saying these words and I did not flash my middle finger." He also denied taking down his trousers, saying: "This is not true — I just lifted my shirt up to show the tattoo on my back" as a "spontaneous act." "There is no way that I would say such a phrase about Muslims, whether I was drunk or not," he said.

While Kottak's behavior was inexcusably assholish, it's hard to wrap my head around the idea of a country that requires a license to drink and can jail you for insulting a religion.  Well, better jail than beheading I suppose.  I was gonna say something about backward-thinking zealots living in the eighth century, but perhaps I should stop before someone issues a fatwa.  Although, hanging out with Salman Rushdie at Bono's place doesn't sound half bad.

Allahu Akbar.




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