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Tim Spencer

Tim Spencer

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A geek from birth, Spencer’s radio career started out at twelve when he built a make-shift studio in his parents garage and broadcasted to the neighbors over a tiny AM kit transmitter. The station had a signal radius of about two blocks and the only regular listener was Martha Richenstein next door.

“A couple of years later I took a demo tape to the new “underground” FM station, KNUS. Lied through my teeth to the guy and told him I had a year of experience. I’m pretty sure he (Michael Spears) didn’t believe me, but he hired me anyway. Three hours on Sunday morning. That came to an abrupt end seven months later when I accidently aired a phone call of a guy cussing me out. I learned a few days later that the foul-mouthed guy was Rod Roddy, who worked down the hall at the Top 40 station (KLIF). Yes, that’s the same Rod Roddy who later became the voice of The Price Is Right.”

Spencer has been a fan of Chicago radio even back to those days, having spent many late nights tuning in WLS which, on most nights, reached Dallas and beyond. Finally, after a few decades of doing radio from Dallas to Cleveland to San Antonio and a 19-year stint doing morning drive in Memphis, he has finally made it to Chicago and his favorite rock station, The Loop.

Spencer lives with his wife Denice and his two dogs, Henry and Russell.