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Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 128 – 5/23/2017

Episode 128 topics…
1. Marty Casey joins Abe. www.martycaseymusic.com
2. Abe and Ryan stole Marty’s seats at Cubs game
3. Chris Cornell tributes
4. Musicians being political
5. Onesie’s
6. Rock Star INXS show
7. Reality TV inner workings
8. Groupies
9. Song writers selling their songs and making millions
10. Parents screaming out window to call in kids
11. Abe and Marty grew up in the golden age
12. A legal way to change your middle name
13. Abraham Maximus Kanan
14. Operation HOT TOWEL
15. Massage parlors should make guy use his own sock

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