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‘Iron Fist’ reviews: BRUTAL

I tried to watch Iron Fist, the new Marvel Netflix series, but got bored enough in the first episode that I skipped ahead to Episode 13. That wasn’t much better. Iron Fist should be awesome. A kung-fu superhero who got his super power from a dragon? Yes, please.

This is one of those rare moments when critics seem to be lined up in total agreement. Here are some highlights:

*”Iron Fist is all the bad things from the other Marvel Netflix shows condensed into one staggeringly incompetent series, one that’s so toxically bad that I kind of hope it takes the whole enterprise down with it” (Vanity Fair)
*(Lead character Danny Rand) “looks like a man at risk of playing Wonderwall on an acoustic guitar” (The Guardian)
*”The new Netflix binge swings and misses so bad that it spins itself around and slaps itself silly with a weirdly flaccid hand” (EW)
*”You’ll be yawning at Iron Fist after binge-watching two hours” (USA Today)
*”It’s mostly about rich people being nasty in minimalist offices, with occasional breaks for Danny to run away and punch someone”(The Daily Dot)
*”Iron Fist is a boring, confused and offensive mess of a series” (The Verge)

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