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Your car could get towed this week!

We may get some flurries later this week. And if it does happen, it’ll be a total non-event.

With a high in the mid-50s today, it seems unthinkable to consider winter in Chicago. But while we’re in denial, the city of Chicago’s gassing up the tow trucks for the return of the dreaded overnight parking ban.

Snow routes kick in Thursday morning, December 1, meaning 107 miles of road will turn into overnight “no-parking zones.” This is not a drill: If your car’s parked in a “snow zone,” it will likely get towed… and a tow will set you back a lot of money that’s better spent on holiday booze and gifts. It adds up quick:

*$60 ticket
*$150 tow fee
*$20/day in storage fees.

On the plus side, how often do you get the opportunity to visit Lower Wacker?

If your car’s not where you left it the night before, here’s how to find out whether it’s been relocated or towed.




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