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10 Must-Gets on ‘Record Store Day’ Black Friday

Need a reason to brave the humanity pouring in and out of retail places tomorrow? Record Store Day may be it. With so much cool, exclusive vinyl hitting the shelves tomorrow, I thought I’d offer some picks.

1. Alice in Chains “Live Facelift”
Listen to Alice in Chains at the start of their ascent. This six-song set was recorded in December, 1990.

2. The Rolling Stones “Ride ‘Em All Down”
Limited edition electric blue 10″. “Ride ‘Em All Down” is an Eddie Taylor cover (originally recorded in 1955), and the Stones’ version will also be on the new album that comes out next week.

3. Billy Idol “BFI Live!”
A 3-LP, Record Store Day-only release, featuring Idol’s biggest songs recorded live on his 2015 tour.

4. Alice Cooper “Live From The Astroturf”
Two iconic Alice songs from the original Alice Cooper group, who reunited last October. Check out the special features: “A 45 RPM big hole record on colored vinyl, in a gatefold foil board jacket with art prints, and printed inner sleeve. Colored vinyl variants: 1150 white, 1150 pink, 100 black, and 100 split color pink/white are randomly distributed. The art prints in the pink/white variant are autographed by the four original members.” I want that variant!

5. Motley Crue “Kickstart My Heart”/”Home Sweet Home”
Die cut 7″ picture disc featuring the Motley Crue logo.

6. Soundgarden “Satanoscillatemymetallicsonatas”
The CD bonus EP from “Badmotorfinger” gets its first ever vinyl release.

7. Venom “Black Metal”
Exclusive picture disc version of the album that gave a metal subgenre its name! If you have a metal fan on your holiday list, this would make a very cool gift.

8. The Kinks “Sleepwalker”
So many good and overlooked Kinks songs on this album: “Juke Box Music,” “Life Goes On,” the title track… this one comes in a gatefold sleeve and is pressed on black and white swirled vinyl

9. Foreigner “The Flame Still Burns”
Foreigner heads into their 40th anniversary with a new recording, two classics from their debut (“Feels Like The First Time”/“Long, Long Way From Home”) and a live version of “Juke Box Hero.” He heard one guitar…

10. The Cars “Just What I Needed”
7″ picture disc with the B-side “I’m In Touch With Your World.”

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