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Banging A Tourist? Beware If They’re From One Of These States!

Living in a major city like Chicago is great for flings with tourists that you know you’ll never see again. Unless you subscribe to the “Can’t get what you already have” theory of STDs, you might want to pay close attention to where that wide-eyed hottie at the end of the bar looking at a map of the city is from. Lucky for you the fine folks at Backgroundchecks.org have put together this handy guide to which states are the filthiest.

It seems Alaska, Louisiana, and North Carolina are at the top of the list. Now I don’t think I’ve ever met a tourist from Alaska but hey, you never know. As for Illinois, we just missed the Top 10, coming in at #11. I guess we have work to do?? On the other end of the spectrum if you don’t want your junk to fall off you could just find conquests from New Hampshire, the state that is apparently the least diseased in the country.

Or you could always just use a condom. Unless you have George Costanza-like issues there…

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