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Check Out The New John Mellencamp Track

John Mellencamp has released an advance track from his new album, Plain Spoken.  'Troubled Man' is a gritty, folksy song that may reflect some of the drama Mellencamp has seen in recent times.  In fact, news broke today that he and Meg Ryan are splitting after three years.

Mellencamp is again working with famed producer T Bone Burnett, whom he’s credited with helping him avoid over producing his music.  Looking back, he feels that many of his early recordings use too many effects and layers.  That would account for a much more earthy sound and even the album title, Plain Spoken..

“I am done being a rock star,” he told Rolling Stone in the months leading up to the album’s release. “I have no interest in that, in having the biggest concerts. I have only one interest: to have fun while we’re doing this and maybe have something that somebody might discover.”