Photo courtesy of Paul Natkin
Photo courtesy of Paul Natkin

Loop Hall of Fame – Black Sabbath (inducted 3/17/17)

First song played on the Loop: “Paranoid”

Reasons for induction
Black Sabbath pretty much created heavy metal in 1970.
Black Sabbath had two of the greatest frontmen in the history of rock: Ozzy Osbourne and Ronnie James Dio (with all due respect to the many other singers who have fronted the band)
The band’s long-reaching influence on hard rock and metal

Iconic Chicago setlist – International Amphitheater (8/23/78)
Symptom of the Universe
War Pigs
Never Say Die
Black Sabbath
Dirty Women
Rock ‘N’ Roll Doctor
Drum Solo
Guitar Solo
Electric Funeral
Iron Man
Fairies Wear Boots
Children of the Grave


10 Essential Tracks (with Ozzy)
“N.I.B.” (Black Sabbath)
“Black Sabbath” (Black Sabbath)
“War Pigs” (Paranoid)
“Iron Man” (Paranoid)
“Fairies Wear Boots” (Paranoid)
“Sweet Leaf” (Master of Reality)
“Supernaut” (Vol. 4)
“Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” (Sabbath Bloody Sabbath)
“Symptom of the Universe” (Sabotage)
“Never Say Die” (Never Say Die)

Essential Tracks (without Ozzy)
“Lady Evil” (Heaven and Hell)
“Neon Knights” (Heaven and Hell)
“Mob Rules” (Mob Rules)
“Trashed” (Born Again)
“Headless Cross” (Headless Cross)
“Computer God” (Dehumanizer)