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LISTEN: John Bonham’s Isolated Drum Tracks

On this day in 1980, John Bonham died in his sleep following a massive drinking binge at Jimmy Page’s home. He was found by John Paul Jones and engineer Benji LeFevre. Following his death, the band suspended activity and mourned the loss of their dear friend. Bonzo was such a key component in Zeppelin’s monumental sound. Just two months after his death, the band chose to split up. ake a minute to listen to this display of the drummer’s raw talent and passion.


0:00-2:12 Unknown
2:14-4:16 Carouselambra
4:16-4:49 Ozone Baby
5:00-5:47 Carouselambra (Cont.)
5:51-12:55 Ozone Baby (Cont.)
12:55-20:32 All My Love
20:40-25:48 Wearing And Tearing
25:49-29:50 Fool In The Rain
29:50-55:04 Empty